labeeb restaurant

Labeebwas founded in Jeddah city in December 2011 as a Lebanese cuisine, casual dining restaurant providing the market with fresh Lebanese foods and fusion of cold and hot beverages with immense vision and an innovative spirit.

Labeeb developed a unique concept gathering cold and hot appetizers, Lebanese Mezza, Mixed Grills, Main dishes, Breakfast menu, Sandwiches, Salads deserts and beverages.

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In 1989, Marcel’s opened the first frozen yoghurt outlet in Cape Town. This phenomenal concept was the first in South Africa, A few short years later Marcel’s growing demand took it to the next level with the opening of various other outlets across the Western Cape. 2011 Marcel’s open in Jeddah to introduce splendid new tastes and flavors to Saudi market. Marcel’s quickly became a household name with quality products and constant innovation and development of new flavors.

Frozen yoghurt is healthy alternative to ice cream or other frozen desserts. Yoghurt is a natural filled cultured dairy product which contains protein, calcium and Vitamins that an provide benefits where milk cannot match, even people that are moderately lactose intolerant can enjoy frozen yoghurt.

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Ajwad got the initiative and the proud to fill the hanger of Saudi market injecting classy ice cream concept with a premium quality of Ice-cream and a wide variety of rich flavors. Hs&Y is going to be launched in 2014, targeting to open many outlets starting in Jeddah out to the Kingdom.

Hs&Y designed to lead the Ice cream market in KSA with a Classy Ice-cream products anda premium quality in ingredients, production and a wide variety of rich flavors served to you via experts.

In line with the ongoing expansion strategy, a new smart dining concept has been created to meet the requirements of the real burger, meat, Salmon & lobsters lovers. The new Smart dining concept is a combination of the house made touch from a fine ingredients and raw materials served in a classy atmosphere.

Ajwad hospitality is going to approach the first outlet in Jeddah and after to cover KSA and the Gulf region.


Ajwad Hospitality proudly developed a catering division specifically for our corporate clients, which focuses on the needs of Saudi market. By research, the catering business is increasing rabidly, therefore Ajwad targeted to create a high end catering that offers a high quality products, timely services, and a variety of menu options. Our Corporate menu features and an assortment of creative items ranging from different international cuisines.

  • Wedding Menus (Buffets & Set Menus)
  • Set Menus (Lunch & Dinner)
  • Special Parties Menus ( lunch & Dinner)
  • Birthday Menus
  • Kids Menus
  • Gala Dinner Menu
  • Breakfast Menus
  • Outside BBQ Menu
  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences
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